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Captive Management

Risk Services is an approved captive management firm in the leading captive domiciles of Hawaii, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, D.C., Vermont, Utah, Delaware and Bermuda. We offer in-depth market knowledge and strategic technical, legal and regulatory expertise in the formation, structuring and management of sound captive insurance company operations. Risk Services has formed over 40 Risk Retention Groups in the past decade, more than any other captive management firm in the US. In addition to these liability programs, Risk Services has also formed and/or manages several other programs, including workers' compensation and commercial property programs. Click here for additional information on the various Risk Services Available Programs, most of which can be accessed by agents/insureds.

The combined captive management experience of the principals and primary staff of Risk Services encompasses over 50 years in the formation and operation of over 150 captives located both onshore and offshore. The principals of Risk Services are well recognized in the captive insurance industry and are active in legislation affecting the industry through their participation in associations representing the alternative insurance marketplace. Jon Harkavy, from our affiliated District of Columbia office, is the former general counsel of RIMS, and during his tenure in this position he was a drafter of the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act Amendments of 1986. Troy Winch, serves as treasurer of the board of directors for the National Risk Retention Association, which provides a nationwide forum for individuals in the risk retention insurance industry.


Risk Services has experience in the formation and management of many captive structures, including but not limited to:

> Single Parent Captives > Industrial Insured
> Risk Retention Groups > Rent-A-Captives
> Agency Captives > Protected Cell Captives
> Association Captives > Self-Insurance Groups
> Reciprocal Captives

These captive facilities have been implemented to provide a variety of lines of coverage, such as general and professional liability, product liability, medical malpractice, workers' compensation/employers' liability and contractual liability, using traditional policy forms and manuscript policies to meet the specialized coverage needs of our clients.

Our professional accounting personnel, offering "Big 4" audit backgrounds and extensive experience in the management of insurance operations, both onshore and offshore, provides expert counsel from conception through full scale operation in designing and managing alternative insurance market entities.

Working closely with our clients, their legal counsel and independent actuaries, we thoroughly research key factors such as the types of risks to be insured, the financial requirements for startup and ongoing operations, the availability and cost of reinsurance, and the tax, legal regulatory environment in arriving at optimal captive structure and domicile recommendations.
In overseeing the licensing and registration of our clients' captive facilities, our experience in doing business in the major onshore and offshore domicile jurisdictions lends considerable assistance in coordinating and expediting the application process.
Once licensed, we provide comprehensive service encompassing the major ongoing responsibilities for day to day operations and our staff's specialized expertise in customizing information management systems ensures the production of financial reports that will be most meaningful to our clients and applicable regulatory authorities.
As our clients' needs change and the legal and technological environment in which they operate evolves, we continually monitor new marketing opportunities, policy form and coverage issues, and accounting, tax and legislative developments to ensure that our clients continue to gain the most benefit from their insurance operations.



Michael T. Rogers
Chairman and CEO
T: 800-226-0793
F: (941) 906-7538


Troy Winch
Vice President
T: 800-226-0793


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